Hello there!

I'm Chris, an aspiring photographer from Germany, and a computer science student. Web development is always an useful skill, for example to make pages like these!
I also have an Instagram-Account, to post more photos than this portfolio.

I shoot photos of whatever I find interesting, I have some experience in concert photography, full-body portraits (mostly with talented cosplay artists on conventions), and occasionally enjoy taking analog-film-photos with my Film-DSLRs (a Canon AE-1 and a Minolta 7000i for those interested).

Besides photography I enjoy playing tabletop role-playing-games, which I like to talk about (mostly in German) on my YouTube Channel.

Wenn dich meine Fotografiekünste ansprechen, und du Ideen für ein Fotoshoot hast, fühl dich frei mich zu kontaktieren.
Als je mijn foto's lijkt, en een idee voor een foto-shoot hebt, kunt je mij een berichtje schrijven.
E-Mail: img@schaepers.it