Hello there!

I'm Chris, an aspiring photographer from Germany, and a computer science student. Web development is always an useful skill, for example to make pages like these!
I do have an Instagram-Account though, to post more photos than my best shots, and on img.schaepers.it you can find some more images, too.

I shoot photos of whatever I find interesting, I have some experience in concert photography, full-body portraits (mostly with talented cosplay artists on conventions), and occasionally enjoy taking analog-film-photos with my Film-DSLRs (a Canon AE-1 and a Minolta 7000i for those interested).

Besides photography I enjoy playing tabletop role-playing-games, which I like to talk about (mostly in German) on my YouTube Channel.

If you have an idea for a photo-shoot, feel free to contact me via any social-media, or send me an e-mail via img@schaepers.it.
Be aware though, that travelling is a thing - I am very mobile in the German state of North-Rhine-Westphalia plus all of the Netherlands, and somewhat mobile in the rest of Germany, and Belgium, beyond that, the distance is just too big.